A FEW WORDS ABOUT GOOD PEOPLE from our Director Christine Dunford

Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men.
– EB White

Mike and Margie. Two kids born in the same blighted neighborhood.
Mike gets out, Margie doesn’t. Mike believes in self-determination. Margie believes in luck.
A “self-made” man like Mike bristles at the suggestion that luck played any part in his success. He takes it as an affront to all of his hard work. Being the sole creator of his destiny, he owes thanks to no one and nothing – least of all “fortune.” It’s simple: the self-made man doesn’t believe in luck – because he doesn’t need it.
Margie doesn’t have that luxury. Like many of the working poor, luck is often the only thing between her and disaster. When you live in a world where a medical emergency costs you a month’s rent, one lucky night at bingo is your best hope for staying alive – and in your apartment.
Given the disparity in their circumstances, it would be easy to cast Margie as the “good person” in this story. But the brilliant David Lindsay-Abaire makes a case for showing Mike some compassion. Because the “self-made” man pays a price for claiming sole credit for his success: he misses the opportunity to feel gratitude. Gratitude teaches us the humility of needing help, of appreciating what’s been done for us – and it plants a seed of urgent desire to return the favor, to relieve the suffering of other people. Gratitude is what allows us to truly, deeply appreciate and savor the good things in our lives. And without it, Mike will never know any of that.
As Margie says of the trappings of his success– “- all of this is wasted on you.” She’s lucky she sees that.


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